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Our Trusted Companies

We offer a wide variety of companies so that our clients get the best products that work for them. We will never chase a commission over a clients needs.

Cashflow Solutions

We don’t believe you need another budget strategy just so you fail again. Instead, increase your cash flow so you can stop worrying.

Bank Better

Don’t buy the lie that you have to settle for .10% to .25% savings when you can easily obtain up to 20 times more.

Private Banking

The private lending arena is seldom talked about but it’s prevalent among RE investors and other alternative investors.

Capital Deployment Strategies

We live in the most exciting times to re-deploy our capital to take part in the greatest wealth transfer taking place right now.

Wealth Continuity

You have worked hard for years, don’t let your hard earned money go to any entity that you have not agreed to. We help you set up your family trust, office, constitution, and private trust so you can capitalize on your family bank and let your name live on for many generations.

Business Solutions

Entrepreneurs and small business owners carry  the exposure and profitability of their businesses. We excel in helping capitalists to optimize their earnings.

We Plan, You Prosper.

Who We Are

Mynor and Nivia Ramos, CEOs and Co-Founders of TOC Agency, have several years of experience in the insurance industry, with Mynor beginning in 2011 and Nivia joining him in 2017. They specialize in infinite and private banking, a couple of strategies that allow funds to grow through insurance products for wealth creation.

Mynor has nearly 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, and is knowledgeable in many aspects of financial services. As fiduciary field underwriters, Mynor and Nivia are committed to giving their clients the best products based on their specific needs and treat everyone as a part of the family.

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